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Share your Twinterest

Share Your TWinterest

•    Let twinparents share tips and tricks
•    Create a book online
•    Edit it online
•    Publish the way you want it  (pdf, paper, e-book)
•    Get fundings from adds or sponsors
•    Publish – and start a new book!

What’s in it for parents
•    Giving: Their hard-earned lessons
•    Getting: Invaluable tips they’d never invented themselves
•    Tips, sorted out in theme and age
•    Tips validated by experts
•    Tips edited by professional writers
•    Tips to read in a proper book – or PC
•    Tips to comment an add to in their own notes
•    Tips from those who know, because they have been there!
•    Sense of belonging

What’s in it for Twinorganisations
•    Involvement of members
•    Stronger attatchment to the organisation
•    Stronger relation to members
•    Acknowledgement of the explicit member and the individual wisdom, experience, knowledge – and hard work!

What are the costs
•    Minimum of work – the book is written by members
•    Small fee for licence to software
•    No hosting, as it is hosted on the internet
•    Hours to get sponsors or adds
•    Hours to edit template and tips
•    Hours and fundings for editorial extras (e.g. interviews, expertpanel)
•    Publishing expences depending on method

When, What, How and Who
•    The concept is developed by twinmother Abelone Glahn
•    The template can run in any language
•    Danish has resulted in 2 books already
•    English version is available
•    Sign up for further information at

©  Idea and concept Abelone Glahn, Amedia